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Forrest Hosten is a Real Estate Agent who epitomizes integrity, hard work, energy and creative service in every detail of every real estate transaction he is a part of. Forrest grew up in Philadelphia but his parents are originally from the Caribbean. They immigrated to America in the 80s. His father is from Trinidad & Tobago; His mother is from Antigua & Barbuda. Forrest also has a sister; Lauren she has a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Londyn. She currently lives in Philadelphia and works as an RN.

Forrest fell in love with real estate at the age of 17 because how entrepreneurial it is. “It give me the opportunity to help other people” says Forrest.

After having a father who has been in real estate investment & development for over 30 years. It was almost a no brainer and Forrest got his real estate license one month after he turned 18 (cause the earlier class was full). Since then he has helped an array of customers buy and sell property. Saving them copious amounts of headaches and stress throughout each transaction.

Forrest is a consummate entrepreneur. Since age 12, Forrest has been in the business world. (either buying and selling an array of different products from Monster energy drinks to iPhones & iPads). When he was 15, he began studying the stock market and then began trading securities. At the age 16 & 17 he helped a few clients hand pick cars they were looking for as a dealer’s agent. Around the same time, he also started a watch refurbishing business. At age 19 Forrest launched his first company Tribus Holdings that specializes in virtual investing and management.

“I’m always available Call me anytime (941-350-2955)”

– Forrest Hosten