Merle Shetler has a unique ability to find solutions. In fact, he is at his best and happiest when he is assisting with unique challenges and goal-oriented missions.

Since he first relocated to the beautiful city of Sarasota 13 years ago he has had an eye towards someday building a great reputation helping those with their Real-Estate needs. From working in a home service based industry for the first few years to helping home-owners design the right hardscape & landscape plans for their private homes the last few years, Merle clearly understands that everyone has unique dreams, desires, and goals.

His mentality is that every day brings new opportunities and that truly very few things are impossible with the right team and the right mindset. To Merle, The Preferred Shore Real Estate Group has an exceptional ability to handle any Real-Estate transaction, and with the group’s many combined years of experience and their unparalleled reputation has made it an easy choice for him when choosing a team to work with. In his own words; “This is the Team I want backing me, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

So let’s find the solution for you. Contact Merle Shetler today for more information on how he may be able to help you. We believe you will find the experience of working with Merle a great one, and that very likely he will be able to help you succeed, in what it is you are wanting to accomplish.