As a Sarasota native, Monica never wonders why her hometown is routinely voted as one of the best places to live in many national publications—she’s reminded every day. The mother of two children, she understands busy schedules, but prides herself on being available to her clients during both business and non-business hours. She also knows how important factors like neighborhood culture, school districts and safety are, when choosing not just a house or condo, but a home. She is also fluent in Spanish. As someone with extensive experience in the high-end service industry, she’s a natural hostess, and can deliver the order, even when it’s not on the menu. Monica is dedicated, diligent, a great communicator, understanding the power of effective marketing and the importance of negotiating on behalf of her client, to ensure that she meets their expectations. Wether they are a new buyer, a family looking to sell their home, find a holiday home or a seasoned investor in real estate, Monica’s intimate familiarity with Sarasota and creative personality (she’s a patented inventor) as well as her experience in and passion for customer relations allows her to understand her clients requirements and provide an unmatched service.