Tales From the Real Estate Trenches – The good, the bad, the ugly, the funny.

Hello my gulf coast pandas, I am “A”, the Real Estate Office Manager.  Am I the only one who says that with a grimace and a grin at the same time?  I think that we who work behind the scenes in the business of Real Estate need to start a support group.  I am sure that it would be full of shameless sarcasm and lacking tolerance for fools.

The thing that I learned first in Real Estate, and more specifically REOs, was: nothing will ever seem strange again.  You buried your horses in a giant mound in your backyard? Great!  Neat landscaping feature!  The home has major damage from a fire on the interior?  Hadn’t you heard?  The latest trend in homes is toasted!  Squatters have been using the walls of your future home for unknown nefarious and possibly sewage-related activities?  Hey, the property is being sold “As-Is.”  “As-is” means sewage included!  In short, not much can shock me anymore.

The second thing I learned about Real Estate?  It is kind of like Alice in Wonderland.  Everything that seems up is down.  Everything is mixed up and topsy-turvy.  Things that make no sense work… Things that seem perfectly logical are completely unacceptable.  I learned quickly to learn the rules, follow them, and then to champion what I know to be right and fight vehemently against things that I know are wrong.

Assistants see the best and the worst of Real Estate.  We are fighting our boss’s battles, making sure that all of the details are attended to, and making sales.  It is a fast-paced, drama-filled and sometimes overwhelming world.  Not everyone will enjoy my blog contributions, but they are guaranteed to be entertaining, useful and irreverent.



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